Thursday, September 1, 2011

Apple Branches Character Study: Caramel

A few of you have probably figured it out by now, but my version of Caramel is not exactly emotionally healthy. I'd like to explain why now.

Mostly, it relates back to his "special talent", if it could really be called that: he's unlucky. Really unlucky. To be honest, about the only "good" thing that's happened to him in his life recently is Big Macintosh showing an interest in him.

His job is not something he particularly likes; he takes a good deal of satisfaction from doing it well, but to him it's a job, not a calling. Everything around him will break or be damaged somehow, and often it's because of his own actions. If there's anything that can  go wrong in his life, it will. Murphy's Law isn't something that he uses to shrug off a minor mishap, it's the principle that guides his life.

And he has a sister, who's the polar opposite. She knows what consequences are; they're just never bad ones. Caramel's parents, love him as they did... well... you have two children, one who literally can do no wrong, and the other who could step outside and cause a forty pony pileup. Whether you try to fight it or not, that will start to wear on you.

Caramel's sister has had nothing really denied to her, ever. She's had her cake and eaten it too, for her entire life, and the end result is a filly who really doesn't see other ponies as ponies, just moving backdrop that gives her things. It's telling that she only gets angry when her brother has something she doesn't, and it's something that she can't seem to have. I didn't intend to write her as such a heartless character at first, but after some thought with how her upbringing would have made her, it was inevitable.

I admit, though, I wasn't expecting the final result to be an evil version of Rarity.

Caramel, on the other hand... his life is a never-ending parade of stuff going wrong. He's used to it. It's what happens to him. And he just bows his head and keeps on trudging along, because that's what he does. It's more of a shock to him when something goes his way, because that never happens. He's so used to the worst possible situation developing that it's what he's always bracing himself for, and should it not happen, he literally does not know how to react. He's also extremely passive about it; his life sucks, he's used to it, but since there's no way to change it as far as he knows, why bother?

And yes, he is sabotaging his relationship with Mac, intentionally or otherwise.


  1. Cogs, have you ever heard of a play written by Neil Simon called "Fools" by any chance?

    It's about a town of people who have supposedly been cursed with stupidity. All of them, idiots, ignorant, unable to learn.

    A school teacher is hired to try and break the curse - to teach the daughter of wealthy doctor in the town, well, anything. That, or she has to marry a man of the family which caused the curse. He has 24 hours to do so before he becomes cursed himself.

    Turns out - curses aren't real, and the people of the town only act stupid because they think that they are and can't possibly not be. There's several twists and turns in how this is brought out.. but the central theme is people just being something because they're labeled it - not because of what they really are.

    The teacher falls in love with the doctor's daughter and though she resists, because stupidity is all she knows, she turns out to be a very bright young woman.

    So.. perhaps Caramel isn't really unlucky. After-all, what is luck? It's just his self fulfilling prophecy in action. And he needs someone who sees something more in him - like Big Mac - to get him out of his own head and seeing the world the way it really is.

    1. That's awesome! I wanna look up this play now... It sounds really interesting. And I can totally see this happening for Caramel as well.

    2. tat play is really funny but i agree tat would be great if caramel wasn't expecting the worst all t he time

  2. o wow anon makes perfect sense...

  3. Wait. You just said Caramel is sabotaging his relationship with Mac? Excuse me if I read into that wrong but nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooo! :( super sadness. Is that what it meant or am I just taking it as the wrong thing.
    also, sorry if it offends you, but are you gay or bi? I have nothing against them, just curious because you mostly write m/m stories.